The Security Hazard Podcast – Episode 2 – Goodbye Stirling Road

In the latest edition of the Security Hazard Podcast, Jack and Andrew discuss their fond memories of the Century 21 Studios at Stirling Road on the Slough Trading Estate, following the area’s recent demolition. The pair also share their thoughts on Gerry Anderson’s New Captain Scarlet and the exciting news that the series is being given new life thanks to an upcoming release on blu-ray! All this and more on the Security Hazard Podcast. You can listen on YouTube, or download from SoundCloud to enjoy the show where ever you are!

New Security Hazard Videos and Podcasts!

Exciting changes are happening here at Security Hazard HQ! Some exciting new regular features are going into action and you can enjoy the humble beginnings of these projects right now:

Security Hazard Unwrapped

A new video series which sees me diving into the uncharted depths of my collection of Gerry Anderson memorabilia. After a recent move across the Atlantic Ocean, my assortment of models, games, toys, books, and much more currently reside in boxes wrapped up in newspaper. It seemed only fitting that I would open up these surprise goodies on camera for your enjoyment. Take a trip back in time, or feast your eyes on pieces of merchandise from the worlds of Gerry Anderson that you may have never seen.

You can watch the first episode by clicking here.

The Security Hazard Podcast

Join Gerry Anderson blogger Andrew Clements and myself on an exciting adventure into the unknown. The Security Hazard Podcast sees two Thunder-Nerds talk about all things Anderson. Need something to listen to at work or on your commute? Give this a go!

Listen to the first episode on YouTube or download on SoundCloud!

We hope you enjoy these exciting new projects, and don’t worry, we’ll still be writing articles and reviews right here on the blog!

The Gerry Anderson Christmas Quiz

‘Tis the season to put on your favourite festive Gerry Anderson shows! Our gift to you this year is a Christmas quiz to sink your teeth into with a hot mince pie and a glass of whatever takes your fancy. Good luck and let us know how you did. There’s some tricky ones in there!


Gerry Anderson Vehicles in Kerbal Space Program

This week the Security Hazard blog has put together a video where we build and fly some classic vehicles from the Gerry Anderson canon in a game called Kerbal Space Program. In true Thunderbirds style, some of them crash and explode a bit too…

You can watch the video here:

Here’s a few images of some of the stuff that we built.

Supercar standing by for blast off!
Thunderbird 3 leaving the atmosphere…
The mighty Zero-X is assembled on the runway!

How well did these incredible machines fly? Watch the video to find out!

Captain Black’s Day Off



An excerpt of a diary kept by rogue agent, Captain Black, has been recovered at the site of the latest Mysteron attack. We have combined the excerpt with Black’s social media activity to create a full report:

Dear Mysteron Diary,

Yesterday was a bit difficult if I’m honest. That blasted Captain Scarlet turned up to deactivate the bomb in the World Capital Building just before it went off. If I’ve told the Voice of the Mysterons once, I’ve told them a thousand times, we need to stop telling Spectrum what we’re going to do before we do it. I know our threats sound very impressive and scary but how on Mars are we supposed to get anything done if we keep giving Spectrum a head start?

Anyway, after that disappointing outcome I had to get away from it all.


I went to the beach to clear my head. I wish I could tan more easily but that’s what being mysteronised does to you…

While laying in the sand I spotted a girl swimming in the ocean. She was wearing a long, beautiful dress but that didn’t nothing to hinder her movement in the water. As she came out and walked up the beach I couldn’t help but stare. She had long, flowing, green hair and was quite simply the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I was feeling daring. I walked up to her and asked if she was with anyone. She said nothing and kept walking. So I stayed with her. I introduced myself and tried flirting a little but she continued to ignore me. Then this other guy with dark hair came towards us looking absolutely furious.

“Hey you! Leave her alone,” he instructed firmly. He said something about setting a bunch of wasps on me if I didn’t stop bothering her so I quickly left the beach. But I still think I made a connection with that girl… she didn’t say a word but I felt that what we had was real.

So I went back to my apartment, put on some Netflix and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon.


After that I had the leftovers from Friday’s Chinese takeaway for dinner and watched the news. Checked with the guys up on Mars that Trump is definitely nothing to do with us…


Suggested course of action: Ask all social media networks to ban Captain Black before the public start to actually pay attention to him.








The Anderson Close-Up Quiz

How well do you really know your favourite Gerry Anderson shows? The objective of this quiz is simple – try and guess what these are all images of. But there’s a twist! Brains’ computer messed up some of the images and magnified them far too much. Get to work identifying them and let us know how well you did and whether you’d like to see more quizzes from the Security Hazard blog in the future.